Sean Hayes at the Grand Canyon WordPress meet

Sean Hayes at the Grand Canyon WordPress meet

I am a seasoned technologist working as a web developer and WordPress consultant in Chicago. I add value to my clients online presence through the effective use of the WordPress publishing platform. I offer a personalized service for WordPress based sites and projects – for example, I perform plugin coding and improvements, site upgrades, stability and performance improvements and site security reviews. I am also proud to have contributed to WordPress 3.8.

Got a blog or WordPress site that’s not quite doing it for you? Let me help you  :

  • identify the areas for improvement
  • gather the right tools
  • suggest the actions to take
  • perform the actions
  • measure the result

Being a freelance WordPress consultant I am often able to help in a timeframe that suits you. Questions? Please get in touch via email or mobile phone and we can talk through your requirements.

WordPress Technology Solutions

I have worked with many different types of client. They always require answers to technical issues they encounter while promoting their business or service and I and positioned to offer the solutions to keep them ahead of the curve. I have worked with clients in such diverse arenas as comedic commentary in the video game culture market, entertainment news mockery, a site the blogs about the funny side of sexual stories and experiences  and also the worlds largest photo blog website. My services include:

  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress plugin coding and customization
  • Programming using PHP, MySQL CSS, HTML, jQuery for WordPress sites
  • Theme issue troubleshooting and fixing
  • Fixing of WordPress site errors at the server or visual content level
  • WordPress installation, configuration and optimization
  • Apply customizations, make appropriate server configuration changes to meet the performance needs of the site and perform WordPress upgrades or migrations
  • Creation of or modification of user interface features for WordPress pages or sites

Let me take your site from zero to hero! (Figuratively speaking 🙂  )

Contact Information

The best way to get in contact is to call my cell phone 773 789 7326 but of course you can send me an email at sean @