I have written a WordPress custom post status plugin. This plugin allows you to choose different colors to be used for post status display in a WordPress site.

It has a React based admin dashboard that can dynamically show the color changes you make.

You can choose a post status and then select a color for it. The dropdown list shows all registered post statuses.

Post Status Indicator color picker component and settings

Also in the admin dashboard is a sample list of WordPress posts that mimics the All Posts screen.

Here, it demonstrates the colors used for each post status.

You can see that checking the “Color post labels” checkbox also displays the post statuses across the top of the posts list.

Sample posts list showing colored post status options

Within the settings panel you can also choose which menu to store the link to the Post Status Indicator admin dashboard = under Tools, Settings or as it’s own menu option.

In my experience working within WordPress admin dashboards I remember difficulty locating content.

WordPress displays all posts content with a striped table layout but still homing in on a piece of content can be error-prone.

This custom post status plugin will help you identify your content by a custom color you can assign to each post status.

If you happen to use my plugin and have any issues or questions please head over to the support forum here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/post-status-indicator/