WordPress is the premier online publishing tool for bloggers and webmasters alike. Started in 2003 the WordPress software has been used by millions of websites and tens of millions of people across the world. It’s popularity is such that just under 2% of the websites around the world are built on WordPress technology. This is a great enabler for many writers, users, entrepreneurs and technologists to present a clean and professional looking site with the content they love to share.

Freelance WordPress Consulting

I specialize in WordPress consulting using the self hosted and free software downloadable from wordpress.org. Primarily I work on real estate websites utilizing WordPress technology (as well as others that don’t) and operate a freelance WordPress business as well. Find out more about my freelance WordPress consulting business because I’d love to help you make the most of WordPress. I keep abreast of WordPress news and new technologies relating to WordPress and contribute to the WordPress community such as that found in the WordPress group on LinkedIn.

If there’s anything about WordPress you would like to know more about then get in contact with me via email on sean @ seanhayes.biz or direct message me on twitter.com / seanchayes.