Video equipment and editing tools have become more popular along with Internet sites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Revver. The equipment is smaller making it easier to carry and have ready for filming. That’s good for family or entertainment but for a busy real estate agent the camera is something that can get mis-placed and as for having the time to edit and produce a video well that’s too much to ask.

I use a high quality Sony camcorder with an additional wide angle Carl Zeiss lens to capture the exterior and interiors with clarity. It has full HD capability and I record the videos in HD to have the best source quality for producing in home DVDs of the video tours as well as for use on the Internet.

To get the smooth walking shots I use a camera steadying device improving the flow of the video throughout the tour. I made this device and tested it on some regular home footage. The difference was amazing and I hope you see that too in the sample video footage.

All of this means you, the real estate agent, don’t need to worry about getting the video equipment together and put the time aside to create a compelling video tour let alone edit the footage and apply the branding and transitions.

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