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Importing data into WordPress

I’ve been working on a project that requires me to reference an external database of property listings – 106,000 of them – and display these listings in WordPress.

One way I thought of was to create a plugin to read the listing data into WordPress, create a post and custom meta fields (or even a custom post type) with all that listing information and then categorize / tag each post allowing themes to organize the listings as needed. I reviewed that idea didn’t think it was necessary to duplicate the real estate listing data in the WordPress database.

But, if I could create posts with ids that match the listing id then with the help of a shortcode, I could create posts and the shortcode would pull the listing data when a post is viewed.WordPress Import Real Estate Listings

I thought it would work so I reviewed the wp_insert_post function in the Codex and found it had a parameter “import_id”. Now, if I could make that import_id match the real estate listing id I could easily use the categorization and tagging capabilities of WordPress to organize the posts. When populating the WordPress site I query for and retrieve the listing ids from the database, get the id and create the post. Then, just after the post creation process I further query the listings database and create the categories and tags I need assigning them to each post id.

With all the listings referenced in WordPress I can search on and display posts by category and tag or include some external searching capability to get the IDs I want and then use WordPress to display the listings that matched the search.

For the purposes of the project this method worked, but with one side effect. All the menus, pages and other WordPress elements are numbered like the posts. So, at some point, there may be a clash between a numbered menu item and a real estate listing with the same id but I’ve yet to hit it.


Working with real estate agents exposes me to a variety of personalities. Here’s what they have to say about my services.

When I approached my clients to video their home for the internet as an additional marketing and promotional tool, they were very excited especially since the video would be posted not only on my website but also on other video sites like You Tube.  They all thought this was very “cutting edge.”  Once the clients saw the finished product they were thrilled!  Sean did an excellent job of working around the homeowners’ schedules and getting the videos edited and uploaded very quickly.  I thought the videos were a great depiction of the homes and their best features, and it also proved to be a very unique and interesting way to promote the properties that was different than what my competition is up to.  I plan to incorporate Sean’s video service into my marketing plan for all future clients.

Jen Conte – RE/MAX Professionals Select

To all my clients – thank you.

Video samples

Here are examples of the in home videos I’ve produced. These samples show the simple yet effective walk through filming technique that will help prospective buyers learn more about your listings and feel the depth of the property as if they are walking through themselves. Continue reading

Why video in real estate?

Video online is now often seen as a requirement for most services because it enhances the viewers pleasure and shows a little more about the offering. The success of online video services like YouTube has bought about an increase in online viewing be it a funny story or happening, an instructional video for a particular task through to advertising services or products in a unique way. Real estate is no different and this natural expansion of video is now sweeping through real estate with all the online search sites offering links to videos of the property listing.

For consumers who are researching their next property purchase no special software is needed to view the in-home videos, it’s all handled by the Internet browser making it very easy to view and review.

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For further information about my real estate in home video tours for your listings or to ask any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can email me at sean @ seanhayes[dot]biz.

Or, please go aheadn and use the form below or call me on 630 544 8048. I look forward to hearing from you.