Video online is now often seen as a requirement for most services because it enhances the viewers pleasure and shows a little more about the offering. The success of online video services like YouTube has bought about an increase in online viewing be it a funny story or happening, an instructional video for a particular task through to advertising services or products in a unique way. Real estate is no different and this natural expansion of video is now sweeping through real estate with all the online search sites offering links to videos of the property listing.

For consumers who are researching their next property purchase no special software is needed to view the in-home videos, it’s all handled by the Internet browser making it very easy to view and review.

The use of video as a complimentary marketing tool for your real estate listings is a logical extension to a marketing plan beneficial to the seller and the prospective buyers. Sellers get the maximum benefit from the video tour with exposure they might not have had previously.

Prospective buyers are doing so much more research online and property data along with pictures has been favorite in the past but now if a property listing doesn’t have a video link the prospect can skip onto the next property.

Overall, in home video tours of property listings enables the real estate agent to:

  • Communicate the listing effectively
  • Innovate for the seller
  • Meet the consumer demand for more information

If you’re a real estate agent can you afford not to use video? For more information see my page In Home Real Estate Videos


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