I presented at the Chicago Northside meetup talking about version control with WordPress. This popular meetup is always well attended and this was no exception.

In the presentation I aimed to demysitify version control and

  • Cover some of the whys, whats, and hows
  • Cover some of the tools
  • Help understand some of the things we can track with version control
  • Demonstrate some basics
  • Describe the benefits to any type of business / developer

There was about a 75% developer to non-developer split in the audience and it was a challenge to try and please all. I aimed to present information at a high level and increase understanding in some of the concepts.

For this presentation I focused on general concepts specifically understanding that version control helps us by tracking changes and relating them to a time. I expanded on my working experience using Git and touched on some workflow elements when using Git.

And I talked about how WordPress fits in to tracking changes when developing locally and using Git with WordPress themes and plugins. Opinions varied about how best to configure Git based on what you intend to develop for WordPress.

I think there will be other opportunities to talk further on Git and how it can help during development whether you are a solo freelancer or are working as part of a team. Or even try and cover the many ways you can use Git, some Git tips (like this Git Stash tip) or Git tools in a development workflow whether you are a developer or a business owner looking to take on a developer with version control experience.

Below is a link to the slides from my presentation

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