In his weekly blog in the New York Times David Pogue ponders the question of “why we shoot home video”. After reading his column I wanted to contribute my reasons.

Here are some of the reasons I shoot home video footage:

  • to record moments in history
  • to practice new techniques or perhaps use new equipment
  • to eventually get around to editing the footage (honest)
  • prove I was there when at a significant sporting event and relive or share the moment
  • share video moments with new friends or associates at some point in the future

I do think that we are prompted to remember more information about a photo or video when we encounter it and it happily reminds us of the moment in time the experience took place. Granted, now we flick through picture and video folders on the PC as opposed to handling physical photos but seeing them brings back floods of memories.

Making it easier to view videos (and pictures), instead of gathering around my PC monitor, I have my PS3 and Xbox 360 connected on my home network. My PC runs TVersity, the media serving software, giving the consoles the ability to display pictures as well as view video footage on the TV. Always fun for reviewing the most recent exploits with family and friends.

David’s orginal article in the New York Times is located here and is thoroughly worth the read for his take on the question.


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