No sooner than WordPress 2.9 was released, an updated point release was announced to resolve issues on some versions of PHP’s curl extension. Bizarre. I mean who would’ve thought after all the beta testing and release candidates that this kind of issue would only show up once released to the public. Hence WordPress 2.9.1 was born just days after the WordPress 2.9 release.

I understand that like any software there’s the fine balance between releasing it promptly to give everyone the benefit of all the goodness, new features, speed / performance, bug fixes etc and holding back one more day, week, month to ensure all the bugs, known or unknown are squashed.

So, do you think that this particular bug should have been found before the release? That’s difficult to say as the diversity of platforms on which WordPress can be installed means that finding these bugs requires even more participation from the community at large. Increased beta testing and participation will increase the chance that these issues will be identified and fixed way before the public gets their hand on the software.

So, when the WordPress team requests beta testers perhaps next time I hope you will be encouraged to participate. I know I certainly will to help make it more secure, better performing and feature rich.

if you want to keep yourself abreast of WordPress development news you can find it by following the link.

Thoughts? Please comment on your experience if you’ve beta tested. Did you feel as though your input was valuable – perhaps you found a bug and got it fixed?


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