The latest version of WordPress, 2.9, has just been released.

Upgrading was really quite easy. I logged into my WordPress dashboard and saw the message saying that WordPress 2.9 is available, click here to upgrade. So, I did. The upgrade screen reminded me to backup my database, a sensible suggestion, so I quickly clicked through to my favourite backup tool and made backup. I returned to Tools, upgrade and clicked on “Upgrade Automatically”. Within seconds the upgrade process had downloaded the update, uncompressed and installed it.

So, here you are viewing this post in the latest version of WordPress, 2.9 as of post time.

You can always get the latest version of WordPress for download by going here

I hope your upgrade is as smooth as this – if not, leave a comment on what issues you encountered and how you resolved them.

Update: I noticed that the TweetMeme plugin no longer worked after the upgrade. And so did a few others

Update to the update – TweetMeme was fixed within 24 hours of me posting. Good work!

Enjoy WordPress!


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