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WordPress Security

There’s nothing like starting out the New Year securing your WordPress blog. We all know that WordPress is really quick and easy to install but out of box it’s not necessarily configured to be fully secure or as secure as it could be. Keeping WordPress secure is not a full time job but a few simple tips and “hacks” implemented at any time post install will reduce the chances of your blog being the victim of  remote malicious activity. Continue reading

WordPress 2.9.1 update

This point release is now available for download from wordpress.org. This point release was the result of lots of feedback from the WordPress community relating to the curl / PHP / webhost issues as well as problems with post scheduling (a feature I’m sure many use) and pingbacks (used to share your posts).

I used Tools, Upgrade to quickly, easily and painlessly upgrade my site.

I’m confident we have a stable version of WordPress and am looking forward to the end of the first quarter 2010 for WordPress 3.0 🙂

WordPress 2.9.1

No sooner than WordPress 2.9 was released, an updated point release was announced to resolve issues on some versions of PHP’s curl extension. Bizarre. I mean who would’ve thought after all the beta testing and release candidates that this kind of issue would only show up once released to the public. Hence WordPress 2.9.1 was born just days after the WordPress 2.9 release. Continue reading

WordPress 2.9 Upgrade

The latest version of WordPress, 2.9, has just been released.

Upgrading was really quite easy. I logged into my WordPress dashboard and saw the message saying that WordPress 2.9 is available, click here to upgrade. So, I did. The upgrade screen reminded me to backup my database, a sensible suggestion, so I quickly clicked through to my favourite backup tool and made backup. I returned to Tools, upgrade and clicked on “Upgrade Automatically”. Within seconds the upgrade process had downloaded the update, uncompressed and installed it. Continue reading

Congratulations to TheChive.com

The Chive

The Chive

I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work on a high profile website such as TheChive.com and just recently they’ve celebrated their 1st Birthday. I’ve helped them with various issues and improvements over the time they’ve been online, switched themes, modified theme layouts, plugins, custom coding, styling and more.

Clearly there’s an attraction and quick fix for viewers of a site like TheChive.com and I’m glad to have been part of it.

Congratulations John and Leo of thechive.com

More information and Chiveness and an article massaging their egos 🙂

WordPress 2.9 – New Features Summary

WordPress Logo

WordPress Logo

Late 2009 should see the release of WordPress 2.9. The development never stops, it seems, and we will find that this release is more of a feature release rather than lots of bug and security fixes we’ve been used to for WP 2.8 since its release in June 09. Here’s a brief rundown Continue reading

Keeping WordPress secure

Over the past few months we’ve seen multitude of point releases of WordPress. We’re all in favour of new features and performance improvements but sometimes we overlook the important security aspects these updates bring. Recently WordPress was the subject of an attack by a worm that had a negative impact on the performance and security of the software. (More details here). Continue reading

Customizing a WordPress category page

Occasionally you might find the need to customize a category page for a specific category or post archive. Perhaps you want to show some additional text, images or include some other content relevant to that category. Continue reading

Installing WordPress

I helped a client recently with some issues using WordPress. His issues were:

1. The WYSIWYG menu bar is not there to post messages in IE8 (it is there in Firefox, so its not the end of the world)

2. I can’t add tags to posts

3. I can’t drag widgets to the side bars

It sounded weird and definitely not right. I logged into the admin section and sure enough there were the issues as he described. I was surprised that there were no onscreen messages or errors presented by WordPress – just the lack of functionality. So, I logged out and then switched to Firefox with Firebug to do some poking around. It became clear looking through the Firebug console that some javascript files had not loaded and understandably that removed some functionality. In fact it wasn’t “some javascript files” it was a large amount of files and folders were missing from wp-admin and wp-includes.

I installed a copy of the latest WordPress into a spare folder on my machine and did some comparisons and then after drilling down to most of the relevant folders I uploaded the files and folders that were missing. I did a few checks in the admin panel and watched WordPress restore itself to full functionality.

The lesson here is be sure you’ve uploaded all the WordPress files with your FTP client – check for any errors in your FTP client log file after uploading and before closing the client.

WordPress and jQuery

A recent client project increased my exposure to integrating jQuery with WordPress.

For this client I had to design a filter interface enabling the user to choose a category and then pick a time range to search for rated posts (if not all time) and then finally the resultant posts are sorted by ratings. For the ratings the site already used the excellent plugin WP-Post ratings from Lester Chan. I made minor tweeks to this plugin so it could search for rated posts based on the date they were posted (rather than the date they were rated).

I utilised jQuery to perform the category highlighting, date selection and to inject the results in the page without a page refresh. Very neat and visually appealing I know, like most other developers that jQuery will be used more and more.

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